Cogar Plumbing has been serving property management companies for over 20 years. When we started Cogar Plumbing in 1993, we started serving retirement communities, apartment communities, condos, and any and all multi-unit dwelling communities. Our technicians, journeymen, and master plumbers are well experienced in multi-dwelling housing communities.

We understand the unique challenges property managers face when it comes to plumbing issues. We are a reliable, quick responding and fix it right the first time full service plumbing company. We have the experience and knowledge needed to handle these kind of unique plumbing issues. This means we are able to diagnose and solve the problems faster and more cost effectively to overall save the property money.

Cogar Plumbing carries all the necessary insurance to be your vendor and your go-to plumber when your maintenance man cannot handle the project or are just too busy and don’t have the time to take on these additional plumbing issues. We are the experience plumbing company to handle the day to day plumbing issues that comes with a multi-dwelling property.

Its not just one single dwelling, there could be multiple units or buildings without sewer, water or gas at any time, and that’s where we come in to save the day and get the plumbing back operational.


Ground Plumbing Work

24/7 Services:

We do any and all plumbing such as drain cleaning, big or small we do them all, small branch drains such as tub, lavatory or kitchen, we also do larger main sewer drains. When the sewer backs up and the tenant can’t use their bathroom or plumbing, they are not a happy tenant.

So call on Cogar Plumbing to the rescue, we also provide sewer camera and video services, and locating lines and their depth. We also do main water pipe repairs and main water valve replacements. We do all excavating and offer boring services to go under streets and sidewalks. We offer hydro excavating for the risky dig ups, hydro excavating is the risk free excavating solution.

We also include pressure jetting drain lines to keep clean of grease and debris. We do a lot of toilet flange replacements for the properties now serving. We do all types of water heaters from electric to gas direct vents, indirect vents and power vents, all gas fired water heaters are county permitted and county inspected with all the new code requirements.


Natural gas water heater


Our company has been servicing property managers for many years, and because of our high quality, reasonable prices and quick response they have referred us to managers as a preferred plumbing company. We strive to make sure they have never regretted doing so.

So we would like to be your go-to plumbing company where plumbing happens. Quality and craftsmanship done with pride. Thank you for your time, hope you choose Cogar Plumbing for your next plumbing project repairs or replacements.

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Paul L

"Bernie was fantastic. He showed up right on time and solved my problem immediately. He even went on to do some things not directly related to the reason I called him in order to prevent problems later. And he was much more inexpensive than other quotes I received. I highly recommend him.

Ralph P

Bernie showed within the time frame that he stated. He was able to isolate the problem within 30 minutes after arriving. Luckily the problem turned out not to be as bad as I was suspecting. I would definitely give him a call in the future if I would incur any other problems.

Jessica H

Cogar plumbing was prompt in communication, appointment and completion of the job. His price was almost half of what my "local" plumbers were bidding! His attention to keeping the mess at bay during and after was admirable and I recommend him to other restaurant professional with grease trap issues! Thanks Bernie!

Celeste B
Home Advisor

They were timely in fixing my plumbing issue. I thought they were going to look at it, give me an estimate and set up another appointment. NO, it was fixed on the first visit. Thank you for your quick response.

Mindy S
Home Advisor

I needed an inspection asap, he came the next day. Price was good and sent me the report the very next morning.

Donald C

Bernard responded to my Thumbtack request immediately and was able to come two days later. He arrived on-time and he and his crew were respectful and courteous. Completed job in about 1 1/2 hours. I will call Cogar Plumbing for future plumbing needs.

Rick Gildea

This is the third time we have used Cogar Plumbing and each experience has been a 5 star visit. Today, Bernie Cogar replaced 4 exterior faucets that required cutting interior walls. He is skilled, knowledgeable and through...and he does his homework before he starts the job and cleans up afterwards. It can sometimes be hard to find a master technician who can take on the mast difficult jobs but Cogar Plumbing can be trusted to do the job right at a fair price. 5 STAR!!!!

Anne Gordon

Great company! Bernie Cogar has provided plumbing services at two farm properties for ten years and has always done an excellent job. He responds quickly and is very pleasant to work with. He is able to tackle any project. I give Cogar Plumbing a 5 Star Rating. Anne Gordon


He was able to repair what I thought needed replaced and saved me about $800. I called in the evening at he was at my house at 10 am the next morning. Highly recommend.


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