Submersible Water Pumps : Brand Recommendations :   Zoeller, Goulds, & Liberty

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Sump & Sewage Pumps: What you need to know.

  • Let us install you a pump with a cast iron core , not one of made of plastic, cast iron lengthens the life of the pump.
  • A secondary pump installed is a great idea, if the primary pump fails or is overloaded, the battery back up takes over and saves the day.
  • For extra insurance the battery back up can last for two days depending upon demand.
  • Another secondary pump is the Water Powered Emergency Backup SystemPumpSystem , must have 80 PSI house pressure to function by manufacture specifications.
  • Water back up for sump pump no electricity required.
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Sump Pump Repairs & Replacements

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Things To Know:

Check The Float:

  • Make sure the float is not hung up or stuck.
  • The float is a vital part of a sump pump, the float rises with water rising in the sump pit.
  • Switch is activated and pump comes on and starts pumping dropping water level down and pump cuts off.

To check the float run water into the sump pit, when the float rises with the water and the pump

activates and then shuts off. You’re good. Repeat this every three months.

Check Electric

  • Make sure pump is plugged in, check all your electrical connections and your circuit beaker, if it’s on a GFI check the little breaker in the receptor.

Check Valve Inspection

  • Supply water to the pump let pump shoot off and water should stop at the check valve.
  • You should be able to shake it slightly and real and here there water in the pipe.

There’s also the chance of pipe freeze on the discharge line if the conditions are right.
Old age and if it’s not broke don’t fix it is not a good idea when it comes to sump pumps and keeping yours house free of water damage.


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