Pump Repairs & Replacements.

Depend on us for your dependable water pump services. We provide prompt services.

We want to give you the best installation or repair at a low competitive price.

Have your home or business well pump expertly serviced or replaced by the expert at Cogar Plumbing, with 34 years experience in well pump service we insure you pump will operate smoothly upon completion.

We can maintain repair and replace many types of well pumps from Gourds Myers Simmons Zoellor and more.

Our Well Inspections Include:

  • Submersible well pumpsCheck pressure tank, check pressure switch, check for leaks, check water pressure.
  • And a Visual and smell test.
  • Pump repair and replacements
  • Pressure tanks repairs and replacements
  • Pressure switch replacements
  • Pipe and fittings repairs and replacements

Water is a universal solvent and to a degree most compounds including those found in underground rock formations are in water ground water frequently assumes the characteristics of the geological format patio that water passes through on its way to your well.


DRILL or also referred to as DEEP well pull there water from aquifers that exist within and below the bedrock. This water has different characteristics from what is supplied from a SHALLOW or also referred to as a BORED type well draw there water from surface water.


  • Ground water that passes though iron or manganese (natural element metals) bearing rock formations can impact water supply by dis coloring the water and /or causing red drown yellow orange or black stains in your plumbing fixtures over time.

Pin Holes

  • Having a low PH level causing an acidic corrosion condition. This condition is indicated by plumbing integrity problems such as PIN HOLES or blue / green fixture STAINS as it reacts to copper plumbing systems and causes premature water heater failure.


  • When limestone is present hardness crusts and scale deposits from the water are the natural by – product that also increases soap consumption , shortens fabric life and dries skin and hair. It also shortens water heater life span.
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